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Passenger Handling

This includes services inside the airport terminal such as: An airport terminal is a building at an airport where passengers transfer from ground transportation to the facilities that allow them to board airplanes. ...

  • Providing check-in counter services for the passengers departing on the customer airlines.
  • Providing Gate arrival and departure services. The agents are required to meet a flight on arrival as well as provide departure services including boarding passengers, closing the flight, etc.


No. of Check-in Counters : 6 Counter(s)
Check-in System : DCS/Manual
Baggage System : Auto Bag Tag/Manual
Loadsheet System : DCS/Manual



Check-in of passengers and baggage

Advanced hardware and software enables us to assure continuous check-in of passengers and baggage to all flights of the current day. Baggage is handled according to international and carriers’ requirements.

Boarding of passengers

Modern technologies assure a smooth boarding of passengers. Special boarding tunnels are used for boarding of passengers or they are transported to an aircraft by convenient busses adapted to use at an airport.

Lost & Found

Aircrafts companies make every effort to deliver baggage on-time and in good order. However, sometimes baggage gets lost in various airports and is late.

Electronic baggage search system

We use an electronic baggage search system "WorldTracer" developed by IATA. Up to 220 airports exploit the system.

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