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Operation Assistant

Dispatch/flight release/flight filing


  • Filing of ATC flight plans and coordination of ATC-Slots with ATC Unit, including amendments to flight plan routes and flight profiles to match operational requirements and on-time performance targets of each individual airline.
  • Close communication with flight crews, ground handling agents, airports authorities, ATC units.
  • Crew and passenger accommodation.
  • Flight catering.
  • Irregularities operations support.
  • Apply flight permission of Thailand.



Provision of meteorological documentation and aeronautical information for each flight

  • Weather Folder
  • TAF
  • MET
  • Wind Charts


Provision of NOTAMS and other special information

  • Provision of NOTAMS
  • Airport of Departure
  • Airport of Destination
  • Alternate Airport upon request


Flight movements

Provision of crew briefing Monitoring of flight movements


  • Movement control. Identify and resolve disruptions to the daily flight program such as weather, technical short comings, airport facilities, strikes, etc.
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