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Thai Airways Ground Handling Service provides passenger and ramp handling with a combination of standard procedure, decades of experience staff and well-trained. And multiple full set of wide-body and narrow body supporting equipment to service all type of aircraft including the A380.

Contact Details

Thai Airways International Company Limited.
U-Tapao Pattaya International Airport,Banchang, Rayong,Thailand 21130 P.O.BOX 3 U-Tapao, Plutaluang, Sattahip, Chonburi Thailand 20180
Tel : +66 (0)38 197201
     : +66 (0)38 197202
     : +66 (0)2 137039

Email:; ;

Operational Overview

All Ground Handling employees achieve the following minimum standards prior to engagement in the operating environment:

  • DCS Check-in
  • Manual Handling
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness
  • Ramp Safety Awareness
  • Load Control
  • Passenger Ground Service
  • Passenger Baggage Handling
  • Aviation Security



Passenger services

We aim that people departing by an aircraft as well as guests of an airport would feel comfortable.
Our concern is to assure that a trip by an aircraft, beginning from arrival to an airport to getting on board of an aircraft and from landing to taking baggage was smooth and safe.

Check-in of passengers and baggage

Advanced hardware and software enables us to assure continuous check-in of passengers and baggage to all flights of the current day. Baggage is handled according to international and carriers’ requirements.

Boarding of passengers

Modern technologies assure a smooth boarding of passengers. Special boarding tunnels are used for boarding of passengers or they are transported to an aircraft by convenient busses adapted to use at an airport.

Lost & Found

Aircrafts companies make every effort to deliver baggage on-time and in good order. However, sometimes baggage gets lost in various airports and is late.

It is very important for a passenger to describe the baggage as precisely as possible because a search is performed by comparing the description with the unclaimed baggage at the airport.

Electronic baggage search system

We use an electronic baggage search system "WorldTracer" developed by IATA. Up to 220 airports exploit the system. A search of a baggage continues up to 100 days. A found baggage is delivered to any location as soon as possible. Aircraft handling Aircraft handling is performed after its arrival and while preparing an aircraft for a flight.

Aircraft handling

personnel is responsible for a preparation of an aircraft for a safe flight, for order in a cabin, fuel reserves as well as for an irreproachable appearance of an aircraft.

The procedures of ground handling are performed in a strict order and time norms according to aviation safety requirements. An aircraft may not be late to get off.

Ramp Services

  • Ground transportation services (Ramp Area)

  • Provision of ground source of electricity /GPU services

  • ASU services

  • Air Conditioning Services

  • Lavatory service and water supply

  • Moving of aircraft

  • Refueling

  • Unloading and loading of baggage, cargo and mail

  • Aircraft acceptance and ramp to flight deck communication

  • Operations and dispatch assistant

Experienced staff with relevant qualifications steer a landed aircraft to a parking lot. Special blocks are put under landing gear. Protective cones around an aircraft protect it in a parking lot. Communication with the crew is maintained in accordance with the international aviation standards, using special means of communication or visual signals. When an aircraft is getting ready to depart, ground handling personnel is keeping communication with the crew, manages starting the motors and leaving the parking site.